A Look at 2013 VC Investment Activity

PitchBook has released an early look at 2Q 2013 and first half venture capital investment statistics. Some highlights include:

  • Capital Invested in U.S. Companies — $8.1 billion invested during 2Q 2013 through 767 venture rounds.
  • Deal Types — One of every two venture rounds during the second quarter were early stage rounds (primarily Series A & Series B).
  • Exits — Venture investors realized 104 exits during the second quarter, totaling $5.27 billion (compared to 103 exits totaling $3 billion in the first quarter).
  • Standout Industry Sectors — The consumer non-durables sector saw more deals in 2Q 2013 (23) than any other quarter in the last decade.
  • Funds — VC firms closed 29 U.S.-based venture funds in 2Q 2013, raising a total of $3.5 billion.

For a more thorough breakdown of venture capital activity from the second quarter and first half, download PitchBook’s VC Snapshot here or see:

2013_3Q_VC_Snapshot-page-001 2013_3Q_VC_Snapshot-page-002 2013_3Q_VC_Snapshot-page-003


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